Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fear. Part 2

This relates to our novel, because I am sure that there are many insects and animals that scare the characters in the book and make them lose sleep as well. The talk of beasties and knowing that there are littluns on the island pretty much secures the idea of them also having a fear of mosquitoes and strange creatures in the area that has now, unfortunatly, become their home.


When i was little i always had a fear of mosquitoes. Near to my house is a somewhat swampy area that mosquitoes thrive in. Since I was little, I had a horrible habit of leaving the front door open whenever I entered or left the house. Mosquitoes always found the way in. I would play outside and get bit by mosquitoes just like any other kid, but the part that I hated the most was when they were in my house. If I saw one in the house i would not go to sleep until I new for sure that it was dead. The first time that i had mosquitoes in my room when I was trying to go to bed was enough to scare me a lot. I was laying in bed and can remember hearing this annoying buzzing sound. It was so annoying, but I got to sleep anyways. I woke up in the middle of the night with mosquito bites all over my face. They itched very bad and were extremely unsightly. I was crying and itching, so I went to my moms room to tell her what was wrong. She came into my room and killed the pest. I finally settled down and was laying in bed trying to sleep when I heard more buzzing! I ran to my moms room and told her to come back right away. She did and she killed the mosquito. Then I was too afraid to sleep in my room anymore that night, so I slept in my moms bed. For the rest of the summer I always checked my room for mosquitoes before going to bed, and ended the habit of leaving the doors open. Thankfully I have gotten over my fear of mosquitoes now and I hardly ever even get bit anymore.